New Zealand (NZ)

New Zealand is renowned for its natural beauty, scenic landscapes, and clean, green environment. Made up of three islands ‘ the North Island, South Island and Stewart Island ‘ New Zealand is home to four million people. The capital city is Wellington, situated at the bottom of the North Island, although, the country’s largest city is Auckland six hours north. New Zealand is a popular tourist destination for those in search of adventure – white water rafting, skydiving and bungy jumping are just a few of the adrenaline-filled activities on offer. And since The Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed, many have come to explore Hobbiton, and horse trek or helicopter through the different film locations.

New Zealand’s economy relies on agriculture. Its primary exports include New Zealand beef and lamb, New Zealand wool and a range of fruit such as Zespri ‘ the golden kiwifruit. The country’s population consists of Europeans, Maori, and growing Pacific Island and Asian populations. The country is perhaps most well known for its rugby team, the All Blacks, and the fact that there are more sheep than people. But despite its size, New Zealand offers a quality of lifestyle that can not be found anywhere else on the globe.
New Zealand University – Information for international students

New Zealand Universities have a diverse international community from all around the world – from over 80 different countries! We are delighted that you are considering studying at a New Zealand University.

A Education Network will work with you to help you achieve your educational goals and prepare you for a successful career.

When you come to your New Zealand University, you will begin a new chapter in your education. You can be certain it will be full of stimulating challenges, interesting people and wonderful opportunities.

Before you fly out to New Zealand to begin your studies in New Zealand, you will need to make sure you apply for the right course and correct student visa and that you have a current passport.
Why Study in New Zealand?

Broad range of study and research opportunities
A high quality learning experience
A degree recognised and valued by UK employers
Moderate entry requirements
A welcoming destination and beautiful locations
Low cos of living

International student accommodation

New Zealand universities have very good accommodation facilities for domestic and international students. There are halls of residence, mainly for first-year students, and self-catered flats available for those in their second or third year. A number of students go flatting in their second year of study and each university has an accommodation advisory service that can help students to find and set up their new flats.

International offices also arrange accommodation for students. This is mainly in the form of a home stay where international students are billeted with local families. They have a strong support network and meet up on a regular basis with other international students and their host families.