There are more than 3600 accredited colleges and universities in the US offering more than 900 degree programs. You will have a vast number of programs to choose from, which means there is something available to meet everyone’s needs. At present there are more than 600,000 international students from around the world who are perusing further education in the United States.
Why Study in the UNITED STATES?

US is one of the world’s leading nation in industry and technology. The economy is currently the strongest and the country is a leader in technological advances. US is a nation of diverse cultures; 1 out of 15 people living in the US, i.e. more than 20 million people, were born elsewhere. The communities there adopt foreigners more easily as compared to other countries. Many schools have links with leading industries, business and commerce houses which help students find good work opportunities and internship facilities. Studying at a university/college in the US provides unique opportunities. The experience immerses students in a new environment filled with exciting possibilities. In the classroom, international students gain exposure to a variety of novel approaches and perspectives. Outside the classroom, students interact with peers and professors from cultures distinct from their own. Often an US education will be a life-altering experience, allowing the student to reach a firsthand understanding of international political, social, and economic issues. In addition, studying in the US develops self-confidence, cross-cultural awareness, and receptiveness to new ideas and values. Employers worldwide value these important assets.

Of all the places international students choose to study, the number one destination is the United States. In fact, about 30 percent of all current international students in the world are studying in the United States. Several features make a U.S. education so popular.

The U.S. higher education system has an international reputation for quality. Distinguished programs are available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in almost every field of study. Many universities attract world-renowned faculty and are at the forefront of research and technological development. State-of-the-art facilities include libraries, laboratories, computers, and other resources.

Diversity of Institutions and Programs Available
The range of educational opportunities available to international students in the United States is immense. Regardless of the kind of learning environment your students seek, they will find ample choices from among the 3600 diverse higher education institutions throughout the United States.

Academic Life
One of the hallmarks of U.S. education is flexibility. At the undergraduate level, universities emphasize a broad, well-rounded education. Students are offered a wide range of classes—in math, science, the arts, social science, and languages—before finally having to decide on a specialization. Students are actively involved in designing their course schedules because so many options are available. In the classroom, students are encouraged to be active participants in the learning process. Faculty welcome, and generally expect, student input and encourage students to develop and express their own ideas and questions.

Campus Life
A successful college experience involves more than academic work. Students will find a wide range of activities outside the classroom that will match their interests, such as internships, clubs, and social, cultural, and sports activities. These opportunities give students a chance to make friends while they develop team and leadership skills that they will utilize in future careers.

As an investment in to your future, a degree offers excellent value for the money. A wide range of tuition fees and living costs, plus some financial help from colleges, have made study affordable for thousands of international students currently pursuing their education in the United States.
Counselling at Choicemaker.

Choicemaker amazing success as one of the nation’s premier study abroad counseling institute can be traced to one guiding principle – an unwavering commitment to our students. As a student, you will gain hands-on experience that will prepare you for further study at leading colleges and universities abroad. All of our counselors have an open-door policy, meaning you can stop by their office during their office hours to discuss which subject you want to study, get help choosing colleges, or just chat about the day’s events. At Choicemaker, your success is our top priority. Choicemaker students have had exciting assistantships and financial aids at top Universities as early as their freshman year.

At Choicemaker, we realize that college is more than just the classroom experience. An international college Experience is the combination of factors that will make you feel like the college is a place you can call home. It is about making new friends, living independently, and exploring the new world around you. This is why we choose schools that have created an environment that encourages student activity and interaction. At these schools, you will have the opportunity to participate in interdisciplinary learning and engage in interdisciplinary thought as a result of their state-of-the-art curriculum. This type of learning and thinking will prepare you for success in the finest undergraduate, graduate and professional programs and the most competitive job markets.

Our students are responsible citizens who make significant contributions to their families and their communities. They carry with them the desire to learn for the sake of knowledge, the sensitivity and insight to appreciate cultural diversity, and the ability to think freely and communicate effectively. With our outstanding reputation, as a Choicemaker student, you too will join the ranks of these successful individuals.

Our counselors are well known for their ability to encourage and guide talented students. It is an ability that comes from a commitment to seeing students succeed abroad. Counselors encourage students to take risks, tackle challenges with confidence, and to dream. The philosophy of the counselors at Choicemaker promotes one-to-one interaction and an “open door” office policy.
Here are a few reasons why you need to consult our counselors

For the selection of the best colleges and universities
For applications and testing requirements
For the use of reference materials to get up-to-date information
For information regarding financial assistance (scholarships) available in various colleges and universities.
Credit transfer for those students who have already completed or are studying Bachelor’s Degree courses and other Degrees in Nepal.
Guidance in preparing applications/essays/statements of purpose and recommendation letters
Guidance in preparing all the necessary documents (financial, assets, income etc) for visa purposes
Visa Preparation Classes
For maximizing your chances of obtaining a visa
Pre-departure orientation