Our Services

Admission Assistance
With our highly experienced team of study abroad counselors, we provide in depth counseling service for education institutions in Australia and the United States. From initial need assessment to final documentation and every process in between is handled by team of professionals with wide range of international exposure. Each individual case is taken as unique and handled by a Case Manager. This is to ensure that the student gets all services through that Case Manager who will become the primary contact for that particular student.
Furthermore, we also check the GTE eligibility by considering following issues before sending applications to the providers:
• Relevance of the course to the student’s past or proposed future employment either in their home country or across the world.
• Relevance of the course after the financial circumstances of the students and the sponsor for the applicant are verified

Visa Assistance
We offer a complete visa assistance services right from filling up application forms to preparing necessary financial and other supporting documents. Mock Visa Interviews are held several times until a particular student gains enough confidence to face telephone as well as face to face visa interviews. Our visa assistance team keep regular updates of any change in visa forms, visa procedure and others.

Pre Departure Sessions
Once visa is granted, sometimes students are still apprehensive about travelling to a new country for studying and living a day to day life. Our Pre Departure Support team ensures that all students are fully aware of the destination country’s culture, typical food, transportation system and most importantly Law and Order. Apart from these, we conduct a short study session on which we brief them about international education system including assignments, plagiarism policy, referencing and other relevant study skills.

Accommodation and Airport Pickup Arrangements
Most Education institutions abroad offer accommodation and airport pick up services. To arrange these, our student services team works closely with the accommodation provider to arrange such facilities to our students. Besides, we have representatives in various countries who are more than happy to provide airport pick up services and accommodation if needed.