rish universities rank impressively well at world level, and the country is understandably a popular choice for international students.

Higher education in Ireland consists of universities, specialist colleges (offering courses in a single subject area), and institutes of technology.

The latter do not just offer courses in technology subjects, but also a wide range of vocational programs, in subjects including hospitality, healthcare, pharmacy, media, textiles, marketing, and many more.
Why study in IRELAND?

Ireland has an enduring tradition of providing quality education, and a long history of accommodating international students in universities, colleges and English language schools.
Ireland is an English speaking country which is becoming a worldwide primary language. Also Irish too if you’re willing to experience a little culture.
Like every other country, Ireland has been hit with the economics crisis but remains quite reasonable in terms of funding. A high percentage of students receive a maintenance grant which will cover your annual fees and rent throughout the year. Those who are approved of a top-up grant by means test will receive nearly double the amount.
Ireland has a young, dynamic population with 40 per cent of the population aged under-25, which makes Ireland a top international student destination.
If you enjoy beautiful landscapes then outdoor pursuits are for you with some of the best waves in the world on the west coast, hike, climb there’s something for everyone.

Popular Fields of Study

Given its strong literary tradition, Ireland is a great destination for literature students. The strength of Ireland’s higher education is a big draw for many international students, and a variety of interests are catered to. Ireland study abroad students will find programs in technology and communications, history, environmental science, and peace and conflict studies. Irish colleges and universities place a large degree of responsibility for learning on students, which can provide some challenging and unique opportunities. Ireland is a great choice for students that are self-motivated, goal oriented, and want to make the most out of their time abroad. Critical thinking and innovation are both highly encouraged!