About us

Choice maker was established in the year 2004 with a vision of providing a complete solution to Nepali students wishing to pursue higher and further education abroad. With over a decade of experience in student recruitment to various education institutions abroad, we have rebranded ourselves as a premium institution with up -market office and extensive resources.
At a time of rapid globalization, students all over the world are looking for better study opportunities; be it in their own homeland or abroad and Nepal is no exception. At times, there is an outcry for rapid brain-drain from developing to the developed world but Choice Maker takes this in a different way. If we look around locally, we can see that most of the modern and innovative companies which provides employment to thousands of employees used to be former international students who went abroad, studied and worked hard and brought skills and experience to us. The directors of Choice maker are themselves foreign graduates making use of their International experience and skills providing support to Nepali students choosing study options in various destinations. We believe that global exposure widens ones horizon and forces to think in a global perspective with the local touch.
In this internet age, most information is freely available but to organize and select information that is relevant to one’s personal circumstances is a challenging task. This is where Choice Maker plays its crucial part. Among myriad of information and marketing materials produced by various education institutions and their associates across the world, it is very easy to get confused and misled. Since, education investment is one of the most important decisions of all Nepalese family, a small misinformation may lead to non attainment of the desired goal. Hence, we at Choice Maker, treat individual student as unique case and personalize services as per their academic credentials, financial need and desired outcome. Our consultation is not limited